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Dom Młynarza (Miller's House) modern interiors blend into the historical walls of the former mill and the relaxing green areas surrounded from all sides by the slow waters of the river Kłodawa providing unique opportunities to arrange even the most sophisticated event.

Dom Młynarza's natural surroundings are the perfect place for family events, picnics, and most of all, corporate events.

Events in Dom Mlynarza are a unique opportunity to know and understand your colleagues and clients.

Business clients

For business customers and event agencies Dom Młynarza provides an excellent area for all kinds of events:

  • picnics,
  • family picnics,
  • sleigh rides,
  • cycling,
  • integration events,
  • incentive events,
  • corporate anniversaries,
  • workshops,
  • product presentations.

Familiy time

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